OUR DFW LEADER MINISTRY FELLOWSHIP and apostle TAVEAU D’ARCY CREATIVE LEADERSHIP MINISTRIES, advocate, leader ministry wide REAL RESPECT for every reading, listening and attending unique individual to DISCERN and PERCEIVE and IF they are Bible Believing Jesus accepting pure hearted FOLLOWER …


….OR NOT  (meaning curious from other faiths,religious belief systems)..AND we want to fully encourage EACH AND EVERY ONE to LISTEN, TO PRAY, TO THEN HEAR FROM GOD ABOUT IT for YOUR OWN SELF.

HOWEVER, We need YOU to understand, that when Dr T fully addresses some rather strong, direct, important messages, she is ONLY making those direct comments to the CHRISTIAN LEADERS.


  • ALL MESSAGES, WORDS (written, spoken, sung) are directed FULLY, TOTALLY to the “ye must be born again Christian”


  • All others faiths, non beliefs, beliefs… are WELCOME and fully RESPECTED, yet we need you to know that if we say pretty direct things..it is NOT directed toward any one of YOU


  • To the Ye Must Be Born Again leader Christian: The words are SELAHS rather than autocratic DOGMA..therefore, feel FREE to be do Noble Berean Scripture examination and ask the Lord about any of them.

AND we shall continue to SUBMIT these SELAHS in the usual JAMES 3:17 respectful manner “pure hearted, easily entreated,(NO AUTOCRATIC DOGMA) full of mercy and without partiality or hypocrisy” and ministry/personally abide in this in Real Life also…with God’s abiding grace and help


AND we have this In House saying,

“Only if any spiritual shoe fits, only then should you wear it.”

WE FULLY BELIEVE that LOVE shows RESPECT yet it will not dull down, PC Compromise or else that is not REAL ABIDING TOUGH LOVE..however, one may still respect each BELIEVER and NONBELIEVER as Fellow Human on this Planet Earth..and thereby never DEMEAN, DISRESPECT OR ACCUSER BIBLE BEAT DOWN any other…simply for having their very OWN PERSONAL OPINION. The Father Creator GOD is fully able to communicate with EACH AND EVERY ONE.

And that is why we speak of the TENNIS BALL SELAH:

“We speak loving, plain perceived Bible based TRUTH ..as we see it..but then in effect LOB it over to YOUR HOME COURT..leaving it for YOU to have the responsibility of sorting it all out, praying regarding it..and then either ACCEPTING or REJECTING IT..(NOTE: and we do the same identical thing to each one of YOURS!)

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